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Best Street Wear Brands of 2018


The Crossover has happened, Yes street wear world wide has impacted the fashion world like no other, its gone mainstream from passion to fashion. With collaborations like Rimowa (a European luggage company) and Supreme (one of the most Iconic street wear brands out there). Who ever got excited about luggage? It's ok i'll wait...nobody has, that's the answer. Well the famous Supreme has, Working with rimowa to create whats considered to be the most interesting crossovers seen, by simply utilizing luggage and Fashion this partnership just goes to show that when a brand can impact and change the way we look at fashion, it just opens up a new lane for other artist and brands to capitalize and innovate. 


2018 has seen alot when it comes to fashion, as everyone is searching for the next best brand to wear and be apart of, we took the most dominating and interesting brands of 2018, here is our collection of the best and upcoming brands out now!

One of the most popular and highly anticipated brands out now.Supreme has definitely taken the ranks as one of the most popular brands, working with artist from Kanye to drake. Supreme has established themselves as the brand you must know about. 


Founded in the 80's by Shawn Stussy, this brand originally started and benefited from surf wear and soon was adopted by hip-hop, Stussy has definitely planted their feet in the ground when it comes to fashion. You can see artist like T.I., ASAP Rocky, and Chris Brown wearing these designs.

Fear of God has been on the rise since Jerry Lorenzo Started the brand back in 2012. It was 2017 that FEAR OF GOD started to get the recognition they deserved when Michael B Jordan was wearing a black custom "Killmonger" Jacket at the NBA all star game. Fear of God is one of those brands that just have that style and swag to make their designs noticeable everywhere you go.
Shepard Fairey released his version of skate appeal and street wear in 2001 and has killed it since. Throughout all the designs and success, this brand will forever be remembered for the infamous Obey face, Andre the Giant has a posse was one of those designs that you'll never forget, wether you've seen it as a poster or on a t shirt this was everywhere. With the love to create Shepard Fairey has truly mastered his craft to design.
Brendon Barbenzien the creative director for SUPREME vetured off and relaunched his own brand NOAH, originally founded in 2007, NOAH is a brand based of skate, surf, and music culture. The most intriguing aspect of NOAH is the pursuit positive energy they create within their designs, definitely a brand worth looking out for.
This is an interesting Brand, the logo is made up from the roman numeral 4 with the word EVER engraved in it, which represents the everlasting passion to create. Fourever is looked at from an inspirational point of view, the culture they attract is that of art, the expression to create and voice your statements in what you believe your self to be. To many times brands focus on certain demographics, a decision of what's hot and whats not. The vision for Fourever is built by the people. A brand that emulates your dreams to become reality. When you have a passion for something its been said to just do it. Sometimes you need a reminder of what your doing it for. That's what Fourever is, it's that reminder, inspiration, that feeling of yes I can. Putting out creative designs and visual meanings, watch out for this brand!
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